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What is Elven Lacryment?
Elven Lacryment started out as a webcomic by two girls, one who wrote and one who drew.
Unfortunately life happened in both positive and negative ways and updating the comic became erratic, then basically non-existent.

The girls decided that it was unfair to both the story and the readers to just update whenever, so a new plan of attack was formed.

Q, the writing girl re-wrote sizable portions of the story, re-working the narrative and giving it more pop and bite, transforming it into something a little less self-serving and shallow.

While that was going on, Alex, the art girl drew a 7 page prologue, inspired by the old issue 1.

Where do we go from here?
Well, Q and Alex had a lot of discussion about it, and the pair decided to transform Elven Lacryment into something new, something more useful than a common derivative webcomic.

Elven Lacryment: SHREDS
I have been working on Elven Lacryment in one form or another since 2005. I’m at the point where I refuse to give up, refuse. That’s why I created Elven Lacryment: Shreds.
Elven Lacryment: Shreds is my attempt to make something of Elven Lacryment, to salvage the story and get it out there. SHREDS is the serial novelization of what was going to be Elven Lacryment the online graphic novel.
I have been working on it since late February 2011, and currently it clocks in at over 24,500 words and 8 chapters. I try to write at least a page a day.

Unfortunately at this time I have no idea how long before the novel is finished, I have no word count goal, I have no deadline and I am writing it erratically. The trade off is that I am the ruler of my own domain here, master of my own fate, working for none but myself. Because if you want something done right, do it yourself…

Upon completion and editing I plan on putting a chapter up every two or so weeks, and make the entire thing available for ebook for a small price. Therefore the reader can wait for each new chapter, or download it in it’s entirety and read it in one fell swoop. I like giving options.

The comics will remain archived here, because this is there home and always will be.

Elven Lacryment: Shreds will tell the same story I always intended to tellĀ  since 2005, never the less I consider this to be a new era for Elven Lacryment. I hope you enjoy what it will become.


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