How to Play Poker Online, Guessing cards create huge profits

How to Play Poker Online

Administrators elvenlacyment will recommend poker or 3 cards today in the form of betting games that are available at online gambling sites as a service in a casino game that is quite popular and has a style of play. Interesting that we can choose to play for ourselves.

There are 2 types of game:

  1. Cash game, cash game You must deposit or transfer money to play. And have minimum and maximum limits to place bets.
  2. Tournament or competition, find the winner until the last. You will have to collect the money to enter the competition.

The types of poker that are popular are the following.

  • Poker Hold’em is the most popular poker card. The rules and methods for playing poker in this way start from the player until you get two cards. And to draw from each of the 5 different midfields, they will draw each other in each eye and count points when determined to show the card in the hand, whoever wins more, or during the play, no one steals or fights. Everyone will receive a bet from midfielder if only one person remains.
  • Omaha Poker is another popular style. The rules and methods to play poker in this way are to start with 4 different cards and then draw from each of the other 5 cards in each eye. But you have to exchange two cards in your hand.
  • Stud poker is another type of poker, but it is not popular in online casinos. This way of playing poker is to start with each player to receive cards, starting with 2 cards, which will be face up and face up and they will slide among themselves, circulate and bet in each round that is dealt and played together. Two types, 5 cards and 7 cards.
  • Poker Drift is a classic poker that is seen in contemporary or western movies How to play poker This is the cards according to the number and you can choose to change the cards by changing one or three times, according to the rules that have been defined.

If you have played Texas Boya cards, playing poker will not be difficult at the same time. Show yourself if you play well. Also try to join the career poker tournament. There are a lot of prizes that await you. At the end of the administration, they are all poker cards. How to play poker and includes the way of counting poker cards. Administrators believe that if you have read this article, it will give you an idea of ​​what kind of poker it is and how interesting it is. Work for you or not

How to play poker

Today, administrators come to learn the basics of playing poker. Each game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and the cards are soft. The sequences are: Ace, King, Lady, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace (As considered as highs and lows All flowers are the same. , hearts and swords

That playing poker is measured with points in the hand. The player with the largest card will win. The comparison of the cards can be seen from the largest type of cards. At the smallest card which poker sequence is the following

  1. Royal Flush is a card that consists of AKQJ and 10 with all the same flowers. Will be any flower Where the spade is the biggest card
  2. Straight Flush or Color Sorting Card Straight Flush is a 5 card number that has a sequence of cards. And must have the same flower only Where the spade is the biggest card
  3. Four of a kind cards are four cards of the same rank.
  4. Full House or Full House pairs are cards that consist of 3 identical cards (cards) and have 2 identical cards (double cards). If the player has more than one house card Must compare the cards first
  5. Flush or Flush color cards are 5 cards of the same flower. If the player has more than one flush card Must compare the cards with the highest points
  6. Straight or Straight Straight is 5 consecutive cards, each with 5, 4, 3, 2 A is the lowest and AKQJT is the highest card.
  7. Three of a kind is a card that consists of 3 identical cards (Tong cards) and 2 cards of any kind except the pair of cards.
  8. 2 pairs of pair is a card that consists of 2 pairs of cards
  9. 1 pair One pair is a pair of cards
  10. High card High card is a card that has no pattern as mentioned above. To count cards with the highest value

Words that should be known in the poker game

The terms that are commonly used in poker games are easy to understand. Here are some common terms in poker games.

  • First giveaway
    The first card dealt to the player before the player must decide
    The first 2 cards dealt to you by face down. Will be called another “Pocket Card” in Texas Hold’em.
    This word is the term used to mean when you have a very good hand. But have to lose a better hand Some poker rooms offer the best jackpot for badminton hands. Which is the best losing hand
    The player on the left hand side of the dealer places the anchor blind. (Forced bet) which is equal to half Of the smallest number of bets The player on his left will place a big blind. Which is equal to the smallest bet
    View Big Blind
  • The dealer (DEALER)
    is the player who is set to be the dealer in each hand. He is not really dealt. But is the person who placed the last bet Therefore is a position that may be advantageous
  • Board (BOARD)
    Cards face up in the flop game
  • Round (BUTTON)
    button to tell who is the dealer for this hand This button will move clockwise (to the left) on each hand.
  • POT
    all chips in the middle of the table Is the amount that we will receive when playing wins
  • Fight (CALL)
    bet that is equal to the bet placed at that time.
  • FOLD
    discarding cards when you think that your hand is not good enough to play
  • Pass (CHECK)
    if no more bets are placed You can pass and wait to see if someone else has placed a bet. If everyone passes the game, they will advance to the next round
  • Ra
    Bet (RAISE, RE-RAISE) bet that increases the bet placed at that time.
  • Pour the lap (ALL-IN)
    when the player has not enough chips to “fight”. He must bet with all the chips available, including the pot at that time with any bets placed after that will be placed outside the midfield. Called Side Pot And he is not related to this pot side money If his hands are the highest He will only receive money from the pot. But will not have a side pot
  • Flop (FLOP)
    The first 3 cards in the face-up cards of Texas Hold’em games or Omaha poker.
  • Turn (TURN)
    The fourth card from the midfield in the flop game.
  • River (RIVER)
    The last card in the face of the flop game card. And refers to the last card in the 7 card stud.
  • The controller (KICKER)
    a high card with a pair of cards or 2 pairs
    Discarding cards without letting anyone see that card
  • Nuts (NUTS)
    the best hand possible in the game. Every winning hand And should place a lot of bets
  • Pocket
    card (POCKET CARDS) has the same meaning as hole cards.
  • Post (POST)
    posted by depending on the poker game.
  • RAKE deduction The
    money that the casino draws from the pot every time is a commission.
  • Fish (FISH)
    The youngest player in the table. Is the person who loses the most money About this word, there is an expression that “If looking around The table doesn’t find the weakest person. Show that you are the weakest And you should stop playing.
  • Round of betting (ROUNDS OF BETTING)
    The round of betting ends when all players have the opportunity to fight or increase
  • Open all (SHOWDOWN)
    When the bet is finished, all players must open all cards in the hand. To see who has the highest hand